About Delia & StillPoint Schoolhouse

The Mind, Body, and Spirit connection at STILLPOINT SCHOOLHOUSE was created by Delia Quigley from 30 years of study, practice, and teaching a holistic lifestyle. We invite YOU to explore, develop and honor yourself through the practice of Ha-Tha yoga, Natural foods cooking, Body cleansing, Nutritional knowledge, Meditation, and community Activism. In addition we offer Workshops, Women’s Retreats, Nutrition and Yoga immersion programs to better support your personal transformation process. Classes, both onsite and online, are created to support and empower each  individual in their evolution through life. In this empowerment we hope to influence a positive change in your physical and emotional well-being; whether this involves weight-loss, feeling younger, more vitality, stress release, mental clarity or your life’s purpose.  We encourage you to create positive change in your life and then change the world around you. To this end Delia has created a line of Greeting cards and Books to help raise awareness about the fragility of our food supply, the inhumane treatment of animals, the transformative power of yoga, and the importance of preserving our natural world. We hope you will share them with family and friends and change someone’s life for the better.

From Delia
StillPoint Schoolhouse is my commitment to teach a holistic lifestyle designed for willing individuals to achieve optimal health and well being. Ambitious? I agree, but when based on my 30 years of study, experience and practice I feel I have something to contribute.  In the process I have had the enlightening challenge to create a diverse practice that has shaped my life and led me to share this knowledge with others. These include the Body Rejuvenation Cleanse, Cooking the Basics, and the Ha-Tha Yoga Method teacher training (this with my friend Denise Kay). I teach daily yoga classes, weekend workshops and yearly trainings for individuals aspiring to teach in their local communities. If you want something resembling credentials they would include Holistic Health Counselor, Natural Foods/Macrobiotic chef, Hatha Yoga instructor, Energy therapist, Photographer and Public speaker; but those are just titles that cannot convey the time and effort I give to sharing what has been so generously gifted to me.

The arts have always been my first love, one might say my original archetype.  I earned a B.A. in Theatre Arts as a young, enthusiastic woman and later expanded my experience in film direction at the Maine Film and Television Workshops in Rockport, Maine. Over the years I’ve played around with making videos, but my shining moments came as the host of several radio programs, Food For Thought and Building Organic Bodies, which aired on WNTI 91.9 radio from 1999-2006. Those were memorable programs with interviews with some of the leading thinkers, yogis and activists of the day. We covered the gamut of topics concerning health, nutrition, Hatha yoga, organic gardening and some pretty radical environmental activism. It is my plan to have them archived on this website for your listening pleasure in the not so distant future. In the meantime you can view my cooking and yoga video’s here on this site.

I should mention that over the years I managed to author seven books on health and nutrition, that I hope will provide you with enough information to encourage a change, possibly a major transition, in your life.  The Complete Idiots Guide to Detoxing Your BodySuperFoods, Starting Over, and Empowering Your Life With Meditation, are available on Amazon.com. However, to purchase The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse Manual, you will have to order directly from me.

In 1999, I developed The Body Rejuvenation Cleanse as a five-week body detoxification program that turned out to be an amazing education on how foods affect your health. Over the years I have watched how this program has successfully changed the health and lives of countless numbers of people who have sat down at my kitchen table and been introduced to foods in their whole, natural state. Believe me, it was an eye opener for many and a healing experience for most. I have trained a handful of women to take it out to their communities and I will create an online training program if enough people ask; so send me an email if you are interested, but you must first do the BR Cleanse for yourself and then we can talk seriously.

I love to write and other than my stage plays and poetry, I have written articles on health and yoga, which have appeared in publications and resource books. I also post a weekly food blog featuring seasonal recipes, as well as, an inspiring yoga blog. However, I have been known to get behind with these postings as I take my Cairn terrier and Shih Tzu, plus the new addition to our household, Tessa;  for long walks through the surrounding countryside. This is the flip side to my life, as the head of a nuclear family, consisting of two small dogs and a yellow eyed cat.

Another venture I have undertaken is StillPoint Schoolhouse Publications, with a vision to self-publish books and greeting cards; soon to come: Yoga DVD’s, posters, and T-shirts. My commitment is to help raise awareness about the fragility of our food supply, the inhumane treatment of animals, the power of yoga, and the importance of creating peace in this violent world. I noticed that when a friend sends me a greeting card I take the time to sit and read it slowly, savoring the personal connection. I hope you will share my cards with your family and friends and help spread the few words or thoughts, that may make a difference in their lives. Feel free to contact me with questions as they arise.